MK3 - Power User with some years experience... How "long-lasting" is MK3???

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I had bad experience with NI-HW....

I had the KORE 1 and the Maschine 1 and BOTH did not "live" so long by " normal using!

The MOST stuff (of booth) lives still today... but the KNOBS begann after 18-22 months to react to a "wind" in the room....

I JUST moved Knob 5 and Knob 8 will ALSO react (per wind/infrared.... i dont know... BUT it happend... i reported this to NI but say just give 10% to upgrade, or so, instead an awnser)...

  • How WORKS your knobs after 2-3 years of 50 hours/per week or so using???
  • Do you turn the on/off main-button
  • How often and how "intensiv" and what "tools" do use , to clean your M3?

Thanks, but after this "-time-Experience with NI-HW (knobs)... i need INDEPENDENT reports!




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    NI doesn't have the greatest reputation for the encoders on Maschine to be fair, the plus feels a bit better in use, but no idea how long they will last, my MK2 lasted about 18 months under normal usage daily, then I had to fix it myself with new encoders, I didn't bother getting a MK3 because in reality the software had no updates that warranted it or made it more enticing than a MK2 I already owned.

    My Kore 2 is still solid after however many years since its release that I have owned it.

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    The Knobs are the weakest component of the HW from my experience, both for the MK3 and the Studio (I never had MK2's). They get loose over time, the resistance changes so some knobs will eventually feel really loose and others harder to turn. This is the general consensus from a lot of users and is heavily documented on the previous forum.

    I'm not sure what you mean with reacting to a "wind" / "infrared" ?? I've had intermittent issues with my MK3 where some knobs would move on their own back and forth just a tiny bit, I am not sure if the issue was electrical or software related but it would just go away after I tried a bunch of stuff, not sure which particular step fixed the issue tho.

    I went thru the trouble of desoldering a Kob to replace it with a new one as a test, documented here

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    """ I'm not sure what you mean with reacting to a "wind" / "infrared" ?? I've had intermittent issues with my MK3 where some knobs would move on their own back and forth just a tiny bit """

    Yeah, mybe that behavior is what i mean ... after 2 Years of Kore1 / Maschine 1 .... some knobs changed randomly their values (very small) WITHOUT anything of me doing???

    But on my MK3 so far - all is ok. But thx for the link - i hope i will not need, but if, i know where to search!

    (If i quote your comment - i can not delete the Other text).

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