my recording in Traktor isn't working??

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Hai Guys, I'v a little problem: I'm DJing with Traktor Pro 3, a XONE 96 mixer, a Pioneer RMX 1000 effect and NI hardware F1 X1.

When I want recording my mixes it isn't working?? I've checked all my presets with "audio setup, output routing, input routing. Everything is working except my recording. I looked the video's from NI and did what they suggests. When I put traktor in the record mode you won't see the " volume L+R moving. The main volume is working but the volume in the record mode is not. I don't know how I can record my mixes. Is there someone who know the answer? I hope so....

Greetings Rudy



  • PK The DJ
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    How is everything routed? Post a screenshot of your audio config in Traktor.

    Assuming you're using the USB audio of the Xone:96 then you're sending the signal from the Traktor decks to the Xone:96, which is doing the mixing - so you need to record from the output of the Xone:96.

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    Hallo, gere I send you some pictures of mij traktor presets. Hope you can help me so that I can record my mixes

    greetings Ruud

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    Hi, I don't know if you could resolve the problem, I have a similar problem, I can record with traktor but the sounds and effects I do with the pioneer rmx 1000 doesn't record in traktor.

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