Route and record S4 MK3 with Maschine and Ableton 10

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Oké, I’ve been trying and searching and still have no best solution.

I want to record my output (as a mix) from my Traktor mk3 and the output from my Maschine. For recording I have a Mac with Ableton live 10 light and I’m borrowing a Flow8 (Behringer).

Now I only have 1 usb input towards Ableton but I would love to make the input separate.

Maybe I can do it with this setup, maybe not and I need another mixer/audio interface, but can someone please give me hints? (or questions if my questions isn’t clear 😊)

thanks in advance!


  • Nico_NI
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    Are you using only your headphones? Is the Maschine output plugged into the Traktor controller input?

    A soundcard would definitely help here. As soon as you have to route several device into your computer, that's the way to go for audio quality and stability.

  • DjObed
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    Hi, thank you,

    I know I can put the Maschine into traktor and use one of the faders for Maschine. But I rather keep that fader free for my dj-ing.

    maybe this picture helps… I also get confused 😵‍💫 and I just wanna make music 🤩

    My MacBook is used for Maschine, Traktor, Ableton (recordings), the interface/mixer software.

    The interface/mixer is used to pre listen before put into the mix. And I would like to change volume of main and monitor separate. And I would prefer to stay digital, not use 2 balanced lines for out put from Maschine and Traktor to the mixer/interface. Output from interface is xlr or another balanced line of course.

    Is this a crazy setup? Is there a better way?…

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    Follow this Apple Support article at to create an Aggregate Device for your setup.

  • DjObed
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    Thank you! Really helpful!

    is there any mixer or interface you would recommend?

  • SingaporeMember Posts: 10 Sine

    I am glad it helps you.

    I don’t have any recommendation on digital mixer as it can be quite subjective. Perhaps others can chime in?

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