Mapping 2 Units of X1 Controllers

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Hello I see there are custom mapping for X1 controllers working on 2 Units (4 Decks) But When I try to create custom mappings I can only do it for one unit, How do I create custom mapping for 2 Units (4 Decks Setup)



  • Sûlherokhh
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    You would need to create two seperate mappings, one for each unit.

    If you just want to be able to control 4 decks with 2 X1 and no extra functions, then you can do this out of the box i believe. At least you could do it with the X1Mk1; i am not sure about the Mk2.

    Does anyone else have experience with those devices? I'm looking at you @Stevan. 🙃

  • Bassam
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    Out of the box It does control the 4 decks but I don't want these functionalities and I want to make custom mapping but the problem is when I go to the Controller manager, in the port list (For connected midi Devices) the X1 shows as one device, even when 2 units are connected, The mapping then become for one of the two devices the second device can only work in NHL mode, not Midi. I think those 4deck mapping out there are modified scripts for the NHL mode. I don't understand How I may create a mapping that works for the NHL mode. I guess that's the question now.

  • Stevan
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    Sounds like you have MK1 hardware. Which I don't know how it works with multiple units connected.

    But I know that mapping commands for the FX Units can be assigned to any of those 4 units. So it should be possible. Maybe someone else knows more.

  • Bassam
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    I found that if I connected the two X1 controllers on separate USB input Traktor Recognizes two devices and I can create a mapping for each one, that solved it and I can do what I had in mind.

    Still, I wish to know how NHL mapping works. The following post goes into NHL mapping but it's not clear to me how it's done, I appreciate it if anyone can direct me to somewhere I can learn to do it.

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