Not eliglible for upgrade discount for Komplete?

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I have a Komplete 12 Upgrade from Komplete Select in my account (and Komplete Select, of course), and, when I click on the upgrade option to buy Komplete 13, I get a message saying that there is no qualifying product in my user account.

Am I missing something? Doesn't Komplete Select and the upgrade to full Komplete qualify me to upgrade to Komplete 13 for the special price? I'm sure it did on the last sale NI had. Any ideas?

Edit: It doesn't even show me that I'm eligible for the upgrade from Komplete Select... something is seriously wrong there.

I just sent them a support mail, and asked what is wrong there. I'll post their answer here, when I get it.


  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @chk071, did you registered your Komplete 12 Upgrade to your account already?

    Are you sure you're logged-in with the correct account?

    Looking forward to hear about support.

  • chk071
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    Hey @Nico_NI ,

    support said that there's an issue on the website, and that I could get it despite the warning. I don't plan to purchase right now, I just wanted to check if there's also a discount for the upgrade, as there is a discount on Komplete right now.

    So, even though the website shows that you're not eligibile when you click on the Upgrade option, it should work just fine, if you have the respective upgradeable licenses in your user account.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for the update @chk071 👍

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