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Hello guys.

I own an old package of Traktor Scratch (old version 1 from 10 years ago) with audiodj8, controlvinyl and everything. Didn't use it in a while as I am now mostly playing CDJ. Anyhow, a friend gave me his KaossDJ from Korg and I found there's a Traktor mapping. So I thought installing my old Traktor on my new computer and using it with KaossDJ at home.

But I had no luck doing so, first I couldn't download my registered copy of Traktor 1 from NI with the software manager too. It shows Traktor 1 under owned products after I typed in my old serial key but there is no download option.

But I have found the old installer exe on an old harddisk. Great! now I can use it, right? No. It installs I can use it with mouse/keyb but not with the controller. I loaded the tsi to Traktor and it says it's not compatible.

So I wanted to set up my own mapping but that doesn't work either. In Ableton I see the controller sending MIDI signals but in Traktor I can not "learn" them, simply nothing happens. Additionally now Traktor crashes when I start it with the controller pluged in after loading the tsi (window simply closes again after startup)...

The controller works in Serato but that software is limited. The controller works via MIDI in Ableton but nothing in Traktor.

Has anyone made it run with Traktor 1?



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