FL Studio 20.9 & Maschine 2.16 - WORKFLOW HELP

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Hello community,

i am in the process of creating my template for FL Studio and Machine and i am stuck on my last point unfortunately.

I have already gone through these 3 tutorials:

1. Trigger Maschine from FL Sequencer


2. Route Maschine Sounds to FL Mixer Channel


3. Record MIDI with Maschine in FL


Unfortunately I can't get any further with the 3rd video.

When I play a note, the sound comes out distorted. The notes are set to C1 and there are always playing two sounds together. (See picture)

All MIDI notes are recorded into the VST channel, not into the MIDI out channels. Yesterday it worked for 4, 5 MIDI outs that I could record directly into there but unfortunately I didn't save the project because i did not know what i did / why it worked.

I have already created an empty project, went through all 3 videos but it did not work. Neither with VST nor as AU plugin. I also created a new and empty maschine template in the controller editor. all my software is up to date.

I would be very grateful for a solution



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