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since I've updated my Macbook Pro to Big Sur, my beloved Traktor Audio 2 (Mk1) isn't supported anymore... I recently used it in the last years with Ableton Live with my band to play backing tracks. Output A sent the click track, Output B the stereo mix of the backing tracks.

So I'm thinking about getting a Komplete Audio 1 for this purpose. Sending the backing tracks via the main out L&R in the back and the click track via the headphone out. Is this routing possible or is the headphone out "hardpatched" and playing back the main out signal?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Nico_NI
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    The headphone outs cannot be used as a normal outputs. You would need the Komplete Audio 6 in case you'd want more outputs.

  • andreasppunkt
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    Thanks for the quick reply, is there a chance that the Traktor Audio 2 will be released as a mk3 version?

    best andreas


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