Using Kits without Maschine hardware (within DAW)

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Hi all,

Newbie to the Community. Just been trying to get into using some of the awesome sounds within Kontakt Select 13 that came with my S88. When I load a drum kit (for instance the Nocturnal Kit within the Velvet Lounge Expansion), I can only play one sound at a time - mapped across the whole keyboard, and changing in pitch. (Same result if I use my Axiom 49 MIDI controller). I can see all of the sounds in the Group but to play each one I have to select it on screen.

If I select the grid/cell button, I see 16 pads but each one is mapped to C3. I've tried changing this to other keys, but the result stays the same. (See attached screenshots). Any help on how to have 16 sounds mapped across 16 keys would be appreciated :)

This isn't a problem when play keyboard or bass sounds within Maschine. They play as they should - mapped across the keyboard.

Many thanks!

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