Macbook Air M1, Komplete Audio 2, Xone92 - why isn't my set up working?

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I'm at my wits' end.

I'm running Big Sur (11.6) on a 2020 M1 Macbook Air. Traktor Pro is at version 3.5.3. I have a Komplete Audio 2 unit, and a Xone92 mixer.

I've force installed Rosetta using Terminal - I wasn't prompted to install it when running Traktor. I don't have the option to open Traktor using Rosetta in the 'Get Info' window.

With everything hooked up, I'm getting nothing coming out of the KA2 unit. Traktor output preferences are running correctly, and Audio Setup is routing to the KA2 unit. The KA2 unit is also selected for input and output audio on the Macbook. Power is definitely getting through to the Audio 2 - as the level lights on the unit light up when it's plugged in.

I use an Anker adapter plugged into both USB-C ports so that I have a USB A port available, and I'm running the cable from that directly to the KA2.

Can any of you folks give me some guidance here? Am just about ready to give up, and start again with a different software package!



  • Tony Jones
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    I can't comment on your overall setup as I don't use Traktor, but it looks to me like you're trying too many things at once. I'd start simpler and try to just get the KA2 working (for example). You aren't on Monterey, probably not important. I'd also take the mixer out of the equation until you get something working

    I wonder about the Anker adapter — lack of USB on new Macbooks is a hassle, but this is making it more complex.

  • vinnyt72
    vinnyt72 Member Posts: 2 Member

    Great advice, thanks Tony. So, the Anker adapter is kinda non-negotiable at the moment as I don't have a USB-C to USB B adapter! But - I've bypassed the Xone92, and run the output from the KA2 straight into my amp, and sound is coming through just fine, even with the Anker adapter in place.

    All of which would lead me to figure it's kind of issue with my beloved Xone92...

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