Integrating Maschine into Studio One

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This is probably a very basic question but I'd appreciate some help.

I am moving my music stuff onto a new PC. I am using Studio One Producer 2 (which is old now), and Maschine 2, and I have a Maschine Mikro Mk 2 box.

I have installed my Studio One Software and Maschine on the new PC OK. Both work in isolation, and I can bring in my old stuff.

But I can't see the Maschine virtual machine inside Studio One. Also, confusingly, when I start Studio one, it says it can't find the Maschine Mk3 audio device. I don't know why it is even looking for this, I have no Mk3 audio device.

I have set up Studio one to look at the Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 Bit.

Is there anything else to do or things anyone can suggest ?


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    What's your audio interface? You have the mk3 driver installed and it's set as your audio interface. You don't have one connected so that's why it gives you that message. Change the audio settings to choose the correct interface. If you don't have an audio interface you'll need to download asioforall and use that driver.

    About the Maschine plugin, are you sure the Maschine .dll file is in that plugin folder? Did you do a rescan of your plugins in Studio One?

    And are you able to use Maschine standalone? Try that first and make sure everything is working there

  • NickinFrance
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    Thanks for your response. It seems there is a Maschine Mk3 in there as an audio device, although I am not sure why - I never did anything to suggest it, nor do I have any Maschine Mk3 hardware (just the Maschine Mikro Mk2). Anyway, that isn't really the main issue, as I think I now understand that is independent to the lack of VCT/virtual instrument.

    Yes, Maschine standalone is fine, and I can see my old projects, load them, and run them etc. That seems fine, I can load in all the old patterns, kits, projects and hear everything standalone. I just can't get to Studio One to find the instruments. All the standard ones with Studio One/Presonus are there.

    Is there anything else I have to do to get it to "find" the plug ins. I've put both VSTPlugIn folders of Native Instruments in the folders to look (Options/Locations), restarted it, so not sure what else to try.

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