Moving Logic, Native and all plugins to Mac Studio question

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I'm moving everything to the new Studio and recalled there were some specific gotchas installing the Komplete stuff and all. Appreciate any thoughts on this and any previous posts that outline it.




  • Nico_NI
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    Best way is to download Native Access and install all your stuff from there.

    Some Time Machine first would be also to consider if you have custom presets and all.

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    @electronicparts Hey friend, I just did what you're talking abut in terms of moving from an older MacBook Pro to an m1 max.

    if you use time machine then you can reinstall that way, I like to set up my machines as new but either way the process is the same, once you're at the desktop, like @Nico_NI said, you would possibly need to restore from Time Machine in order to get certain presets back possibly but if your stuff is in folders and you use everything native instruments and Slate digital for example you can just re-download everything on a brand-new computer and once you reopen your d.a.w. everything should be fine. so native access etc. most other audio manufacturers are now apple silicon native so its basically native instruments products that will become a bottleneck for you. I have Komplete ultimate 13 and so far it all seems to work, you can tell the performance is not there yet and the GUI for the software looks really low res on these shiny apple screens so it looks pixelated and low resolution but they work.

    But also be aware that Apple silicon and most native instruments products or not fully compatible and are still running through Rosetta so people have reported strange behaviour and for example the latest maschine software will crash on my current Mac so I have to wait for an update and was advised by native instruments to use the older 2.14 one for now. it has a browsing bug which crashes the daw so be on the lookout for that.

    Also be aware that if you are using any software like native instruments which is not yet Silicon native then you might have to run your d.a.w. in Rosetta mode and take a pretty solid performance hit. I seem to be able to run logic with native instruments plug-ins without rosetta but its not my primary daw so I can't speak for all features being ok, native instruments maschine 2.14 seems ok for me though so if you rely on your logic DAW constantly then it might be worth setting up the new one and keeping the old one current so that you can go back to it in case something goes wrong

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    Actually we don't recommend using TIme Machine as it can cause issues with our softwrae. We have a nice article covering that: My Native Instruments Product does not work after using Migration Assistant / Time Machine / Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac OS)

    If you have access to the old computer and the new, you can speed up the process like this:

    As said before check for Rosetta mode and also be aware that not everything is supported yet on M1 Max and M1 Pro. Please check this out: Apple Silicon (M1 / M2) Compatibility News

  • Simchris
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    So far on my new mac studio max, i was able to install native access 2 with no trouble, then kontakt 6, and base kontakt factory library.

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