Zoom U-44 USB Audio Interface 4 channel with Traktor on a M1 Mac

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I was wondering if anyone had used the Zoom U-44 with Traktor?

What I would love to do is have a portable setup where I can DJ 4 decks (2 outs is ok, will monitor in 1 and go out the other) and use the mic input on the Zoom to work in a live deck.

I'm wondering if anyone had used it with an M1 and if had experimented using it with a live deck in this way.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.


  • [O_lee][11]
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    ...Even a bit to late but asked me nearly a same Thing with the ue-44.

    Since i changed to traktorpro3 from another dj software ...think nearly 2years ago i ordered the s2mk3 first than the komplete audio 6mk2...wich was not the best Option i think because of the missing "analog outputs" to separate decks etc... but anyway... ordered the f1... one year later but still not fine with the workflow the missing add ons etc.

    Even mixing on outer mixer and sub mixer with hardware etc. But Better effects, Arrangements ,better bpm controls with or without changed tempo/pitch...

    missing a really good Equalizer or something to get more out of the Sound.

    Anyway, i ve always played with the idea because of the outs...but never testet the u44 with traktor...

    Think i give the thing a try these days to See if the first interface i got works with traktorpro3 Controllers and a small setup like with my old laptop etc.

    Hope you or everyone found/gave you an better answer.

    Love & PEACE

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