Noise on the headphones

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Hello forum, I have the following problem.

I have Traktor Pro 3 installed on a Lenovo with Windows 10 and i7 processor. At the same time I use an M-Audio duo interface and a native instruments S3. The master comes out through the interface and the headphones through the controller, but the headphones are making me a strange sound, not continuously, like latency, stuck, broken and noisy, I tried thousands of solutions and nothing, the headphones are some Sennheiser.



  • Nico_NI
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    Have you tried your headphone on another input?

    If you haven't done that already, I'd suggest to test all the different sound ouputs individually with your headphone (controller output, computer and soundcard) to check at which stage the noise/latency appears.

  • AndyM
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    Yes i already check everything, im thinking that maybe is that the are not compatible

  • PK The DJ
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    If you're using Traktor and an S3 then why involve an M-Audio Duo?

    Send both master and headphones to the S3 and use the S3 driver.

  • AndyM
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    Because I don't want to leave the m-audio on the side, without being used., but I'm gonna do that.

  • AudioHawk
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    I had similar issues with my M-Audio interface. Same latency, cracking, and corrupt audio at times. I tried to figure it out.

    Then I got ahold of a used Focusrite i818 with 4 inputs and 2 headphone outs... clean and wonderful. And now I don't need a seperate manual board to route back into the system to sample/remaster anything... I can patch it on the Focusrite.

    I was a firm believer in M-Audio. I even had their internal card and 4x4 breakout box that I used for years. But, in the modern age... it seemed as is their AISO driver was not playing well with MASCHINE.

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