Traktor Scratch Audio 6 - Loud whistle

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Hi I just bought traktor audio 6 ho, as a mixer I have a urei 1620, I connected everything correctly, but the vinyl sees it traktor pro 3, but as soon as I put the needle in the vinyl, it makes a very loud whistle ... can you help me?

I've always used vinyls and cds, so I'm not very experienced ..

Thank you




  • Jezze
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    Do you have an audio interface between the mixer and the turntable? The sound of the digital record is indeed a high pitched whistle, which traktor translate to the position on the record.

    Setup: the turntable out goes into the audio interface and the audio interface into your urei (as line).

  • Wyley
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    Computer specs pls.

    If you are on a Mac check the os security settings and enable Traktor in the mic settings.

    Also click on the deck letter on the Traktor deck and set to scratch control.

  • Karlos Santos
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    It sounds like you are hearing the timecode through your speakers.

    Where you see the letter A and B in each deck, click on the little arrow under the letter and and select Scratch Control.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Nico_NI
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    @nickydj76 Feel free to share with us if you managed to figure out the issue 😉

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