Hi help needed traktor s4 mk1 with virtual dj mapping

DJ Pukey
DJ Pukey Member Posts: 1 Noise

Hi I've just bought these decks Traktor s4 mk1, but it's not compatible with virtual DJ I'm not sure how to map this can anyone help, not sure what to do




  • 6xes
    6xes Member Posts: 36 Sine

    did you figure this out??

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 1,119 admin

    Hey @DJ Pukey we don't have resources on our end for Virtual DJ and i don't think I've seen anyone posting about that here either. I think I saw one on https://maps.djtechtools.com/ but the mapping is pretty old so better check with the creator as well if it's still working.

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