Joe Easton - S4 Screen Hack - Feedback

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has anyone tried using Joe Easton's S4 Screen Hack ( with the latest Beta as well as latest Windows 10 ?

For me it looks like:

  • the old windows installer from Joe is not passing windows 10 (recent patch) security and can't be started anymore for the auto install
  • copying the files by hand to their locations seems not to work anymore either (ps. actually, I got it to work now - had 1 wrong location that caused the issue...)

Anyone had luck with this ?

Also, is anyone in touch with Joe Easton by chance and has heard a word about the mod since the last verbal/written update back in October'21 on his patreon ?

Just wondering if the project is dead and/or unsupported now...




  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,082 Expert

    I haven't been in touch with Joe, sorry. I consider the project hibernated since at least christmas. I haven't tried installing the mod after i latched on to Supreme for D2 support. Is there anything i can help you with regarding the ScreenMod?

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