Avocet Crane Song ii Monitoring Controller - Is it worth it?

Aron Stokes
Aron Stokes Member Posts: 29 Newcomer

Currently, I’m reconstructing my home studio and I’m looking for a monitor controlling device. I’ve done some research about the Avocet Crane Song ii monitoring controller and while it seems very useful, has several preamps (including some analog ones), it has talkback, and it can control different sets of monitors in various ways, I’m not sure if my I want to spend $2500 to $3k or above. Does anyone have some experience with this controller? I’d love some further information and insight about this controller and perhaps some advice on other great monitor controllers.


  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 206 Pro

    Depends if you want rackmount or desktop and if you need digital I/O and/or USB.

    SPL, Grace Design, Dangerous Music, Audient, Lynx, Prism Sound are the companies to check within this price bracket.

  • Aron Stokes
    Aron Stokes Member Posts: 29 Newcomer

    @Maciej Repetowski Ah, thank you. So my setup is mostly digital, with some preamps and I’ll be buying more analog gear as I can afford it. So, judging by what I’ve got here in terms of desk/rack space, what are your thoughts on what monitoring device could work best? I’ll check out those companies you listed too, I appreciate it.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    Nice Argosy Halo desk.

    Judging from your photo, not so much available space for desktop unit (unless you are left-handed), but you do have some rack space available. I am not sure if UA Apollo Twin can drive 2 pairs of speakers with volume regulation, if so - I wouldn't bother with monitor controller.

    Otherwise, I would go for UA Apollo Rack and sell the Twin and then get nice desktop unit, something like Audient Nero, for example. Or Dangerous Music Monitor ST, as you have the budget for it, Crane Song is also great but an overkill probably. Drawmer also makes some nice desktop monitor controllers.

    I only have one pair of monitors so my audio interface is my monitor controller (used to have Prism Lyra and, since recently - Prism Atlas).

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