Reaktor 6 and maschine +

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Hello there :

How can I get a reaktor "user library effect" working on my Maschine +

For exemple the RE 201 space echo :

What setps do i need to follow to make this work on my maschine plus in stand alone ?

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  • Fugazi81
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    It's possible and works for most ensembles, but you have to live with the fact that it's not officially supported. This is particularly evident when operating the ensembles. So it's a bit more complicated to put it nicely.

    I would start here

    [Maschine+] Here's a synth and some custom fx while we wait for Autosampler.. — Native Instruments Community (

  • MANBehindTheMachines
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    Thanks for your Replay :) , i would try it out .

    Have a good day !

  • Koldunya
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    It would probably be easiest to use the ensembles in that thread as a template.

    Back on the old forum I had started a thread trying to collect methods regarding getting custom/user Kontakt and Reaktor working in standalone but it (and I) kinda lost interest, but it should have the main tutorials I had been using. It's tedious to do, but it can be done (usually). It involves specific settings in the Reaktor ensemble that will get Maschine to "see" it properly so that it shows up with banks, etc. You can also get controls to show up by labeling them correctly so that Maschine assigns knobs to them; at one point I was using my iPad to take User Library ensemble UIs and draw the control numbers on them so I could try to set them up logically with access to 8 knobs at a time.

    I tried it again recently and wasn't getting it to work, so I used one of my old ensembles and dropped the ensemble I was working on in there and just renamed the bank/instruments/etc to the new thing, and voila, the round robin drum sampler I was making shows up and works.

    So yeah, off the top of my head I don't remember all the specifics, but using already working ensembles as a template should do okay, I guess.

  • ozon
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    @Koldunya uttered:

    the round robin drum sampler I was making shows up and works.

    Wait a minute! WHAT?!

    Care to share that Ens on the User Library? How did you manage to assign samples?

    Maybe start a new thread on that…

  • Koldunya
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    edited July 2022

    it's mine and I haven't uploaded it while working on it lol. I made it using this tutorial from 2014:

    Caveat is, so much as touching another note chokes off the playing sample, I think because of how this is set up to filter/retrigger, or I just don't know enough about Reaktor, yet, to make it work polyphonically. The obvious stuff does not work. If I take Voices from 1 to something else, it stops working completely.

    I also couldn't seem to make it work without a file to write the event table to.

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