How much space should Komplete 13 standard take up on C drive for applications only

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Hi - I have recently purchased Komplete 13 standard and done a fresh install of all applications and content with the drives set as follows:

My question is - how much space should Komplete 13 standard take up on your C drive if you only have the application and VST folders set to C drive?

The reason I ask is that I am having issues with running other software programs due to a lack of C drive space and when I checked 'add or remove programs' it shows the NI applications as taking up massive amounts of space despite the content being saved to an external drive. Is this actually how much space they are taking up? I have filtered on C drive but surely the applications files only should be much smaller files?

I've tried to delete as much as I can from my 250GB C drive but I am struggling to delete anything else and was wondering if some of these NI files are consuming space?

Many thanks for any help.



  • Kubrak
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    I am not sure about first item (Kontakt Factory Library), but the rest could go to disc E, for sure.

    What probably has happened is, that you have installed things and changed path for Content later. It does not work like that. You may use relocate in NA.

    Or copy Libraries to E and use manual repair in NA, one Library by one...

  • shak_2112
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    Thanks for the response - the strange thing is that for example all the Noire files are on the E drive?

    But is still says 14.7GB on C?

    Does anyone know what the default 'Content location' folder is for Windows 10?

    I uninstalled everything initially, amended the locations and re-installed each item but I must have done something wrong : (

  • shak_2112
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    I think I found it 'Common Files' in 'Program Files'. There's only 3.53GB there!

    Maybe those file sizes on the add or remove programs are incorrect?

    My lack of space might be due to my recent install of Cubase 12 Pro and not the NI software possibly?

  • shak_2112
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    I don't actually think any of the NI content is saved on C drive - it must juts read that way on 'add or remove programs' because that was the original total size.

    I managed to move all my Cubase library files using this video and have created the necessary space:

    Would be interesting to know if what I am saying about how Windows treats file size on the 'add or remove programs' page is correct?


  • Kubrak
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    I do not remember, what was the default folder for Content, but I know it was unexpected place and I hated it....

    It was something like Documents or alike.

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    I have Komplete 13 UCE installed entirely. By steering all of the libraries to my NVME drive, all I have installed on the System drive is:

    4.14Gb in C:/Program Files/Common Files/Native Instruments

    4.66Gb in C:/Program Files/Native Instruments

    and about another 200Mb in various EULA/Txt/PDF/misc files in C:/Users/{UN}/Documents.

    Total combined space on C:// is approximately 9Gb... Pretty light load actually.

    Sample drive is a little over 1Tb (with several 3rd party libraries as well)

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