Traktor Pro 2 --> 3: Duplicate tracks?

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I'm an amateur DJ for a local dance scene. Due to COVID and other life issues, I haven't DJed in about four years, but I'm just getting back into it.

I used to use Traktor Pro 2, but thanks to a hardware switch to Apple M1 processors, I can't run it. I upgraded to Traktor Pro 3, configured it to use my Traktor configuration folder, and imported my music collection.

To my surprise, I find that all of my tracks are duplicated. The tracks from my music library from four years ago are listed, but not accessible. Also, the tracks from my current music library are also listed. The reason might be a slight file system change - I moved my music folder from ~/Music to ~/Dropbox/Music - but the actual MP3s haven't changed at all.

A curious observation: The music lengths are all different. Traktor Pro 3 lists all of the new tracks as being 1-2 seconds longer than the old tracks. Also, a few of the BPM values are different: the old entry for a track might list a BPM of 120, but the new entry lists the BPM as 12.0001.

I searched the Discussions set and didn't find any relevant posts.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @sfsdfd are you using Apple Music? If so, it could be related to this issue here. Can you try logging out of other apps?

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