My left jog wheel spinning really fast

szilomiloo Member Posts: 3 Member

Hello guys!

I recently bought a traktor s4 mk3 and I have a “little” problem with it..

i don’t know if this is a hardware or software problem.. when I turn on my console, the jog wheel goes crazy.. before this happened when i pressed the TT buttom.. the problem is only on the left side.

Thank you!


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  • lord-carlos
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    Answer ✓

    You have to downgrade the device thingy software

    It's a known bug.

  • PK The DJ
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    device thingy software

    Kaiwan_NI said: "downgrading to a previous version of Controller Editor (or 2.6.2) should resolve the issue"

  • szilomiloo
    szilomiloo Member Posts: 3 Member

    Thank you guys for the quick answers.

    Do you know the steps on PC platform? I mean, I have to open from the control panel “add or remove programs” then delete the native instruments controller editor? After downloding the 2.6.2 version and install it?

    There’s nothing about deleting additional files?

  • szilomiloo
    szilomiloo Member Posts: 3 Member


    So, I installed the 2.6.2 version, and it’s the same story..

    Plus, now the sync button and the master is blinking, and the tempo goes to like 1000-1500 bpm..

    it’s hardware thing? :(

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @szilomiloo if downgrading doesn't work, there might be another issue here. I see you contacted our support team already. Pls update us on how it goes.

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