Why does streaming with Beatsource / Beatport not work for me?

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Hi there,

I have Traktor 3 Pro 3.5.3 303 and have tried to connect to both my Beatport and Beatsource Link pro accounts (30 day trials) and clicking on the link punchout I get to the site in my browser, but when I type in my login details the login window just pops back up without any message. On beatport, if I have already logged in, the browser times out and a message saying The Address Wasn't understood comes back. It seems to have a problem with the traktor:// protocol in the redirect_URL in the address passed from Traktor to the browser.

Is this a known issue? How do I get around it? I am in Australia, and have tried with both Firefox, Edge and Chrome with similar results, although Chrome and Edge don't seem to even give an error.

I would really like to get this sorted before my trial expires, as I want to understand if either service is worth the rather steep monthly fee.



  • Lee Sexton
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    same here theres an issue with thier api link have tried various browsers, takes you to the login page and after hitting login does nothing!. Try again and its a blasnk page unless you delete all your browsing data, please fix this its completely broken!!!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Ivardj @Lee Sexton are both of you on Windows? If so, I can confirm there's an issue on their side and they're investigating atm. I'll update you once a fix is out.

  • aarongauger
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    I just subscribed to Beatsource and have the same issue on my PC. I click the link in the Traktor sofware (File - Preferences - Streaming - Beatsource LINK: Login) and a browser window opens prompting for my Beatsource login. Once entered, only a blank page is shown with the URL window displaying https://api.beatsource.com/v4/auth/o/authorize/?client+id=.........

    I'm going to see if I can raise a support ticket on the Beatsource service to get some traction on this problem.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @aarongauger the issue is not fixed yet afaik. 😞

  • aarongauger
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    @Kaiwan_NI you are correct.

    This was the response I received from Beatsource's support team:

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting to Traktor. We are in communication with Native Instruments about this issue, and we hope to have it resolved soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    There seems to be (or at least will be in the future) a tight integration between Beatsource / Beatport and Traktor Pro. Since this integration is not yet functional, what other music services might Native Instruments recomend? Beatsource has a download option, something they refer to "Offline Storage", for their Pro+ customers. As best I can tell this requires a software applicaiton on the PC to store the tracks within, presumably to maintain compliance with the Digital Rights Management of these tracks. They suggest Serato, Rekordbox, Djay, Virtual DJ, DJuced, and DEX.

    My concern is that by using the Traktor Pro platform, I may be limitted to using tracks without DRM, something I'm finding difficult to obtain. There must be thousands of DJs using the Traktor Pro application who've run into the same problem. Any suggestions?

  • 6xes
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    after seeing this thread and other complaints about the beatport streaming service i was holding off on installing it........ i changed my mind last night and as per the instructions, i went through the process of installing beatport & everything just worked!!

    So i can confirm it works with Windows 10... for me at least

  • PK The DJ
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    @aarongauger tracks without DRM are not "difficult to obtain". Simply visit a site that sells digital music and buy them.

  • aarongauger
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    @PK The DJ thank you, I'll look into this further.

    I've read on other threads detailing the same issue that there may be Traktor Pro versions (prior to the latest release) that successfully pair with Beatsource. I may try looking for download links for other versions- older than my current 3.5.3 303 version.

    I've also heard that there may be specific Windows operating system settings that may be causing or contribiting to this problem. There doesn't seem to much information out there regarding any troubleshooting steps, only that both Native Instruments and Beatsource are working together to identify a fix.

  • aarongauger
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    I believe I have found a current workaround to this issue. With the latest version of Traktor Pro 3 installed, I opened Preferences - Streaming. I then select Free Trial under the Beatsource LINK option (I already have a Beatsource account so this wasn't something I'd considered previously).

    A webpage opens with the URL: link.beatsource.com/traktor-pro/

    Within this page is a link to down the Traktor Pro Beta v3.5.0.6 software version. Clicking this link takes me to the old Native Instruments Online Community page. Scrolling down to Normal Threads on the webpage is a thread titled: Release Candidate 3.5.2 296 Uploaded. It looks to be posted by Jonas C @ NI on November 22nd, 2021.

    Within this thread are two attached files, a Mac installer file and a Windows installer file. I clicked on the Traktor_Pro_3_Installed_PC.ZIP file to download it as I am running a Windows operating system. Once downloaded, I extracted the .ZIP file, opened the extracted folder, and clicked on the "Traktor Pro 3 3.5.2 Setup PC" file. Note: Make sure Tracktor Pro 3 is closed when you run the setup program or the setup will hault.

    I confirmed that I wanted Traktor Pro 3 Setup to make changes to my PC when prompted. The InstallAware Wizard verified the package contents which took a minute or so.

    A warning appeared: "A newer version of this software has been found. Do you really want to downgrade your software?" I clicked OK. Note: I initally attempted this after first removing Traktor Pro 3 from my PC but received an error message. It is necessary to leave Traktor Pro 3 installed when installing this Beta version.

    The Setup Welcome screen appeared telling me to disconnect my Traktor Pro hardware prior to installation. I removed my controller from the USB port and clicked Next.

    I selected "English" as this is my native language and clicked Next.

    I accepted the EULA and clicked Next.

    Under the Custom Setup screen, I clicked Next.

    I left all the listed drivers checked and clicked Next.

    Under the Completing the Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3 Setup page, I confirmed the Applicaiton Path and clicked Next. At this point the program began to install.

    Once all the program components installed, I clicked Finish.

    From my Windows desktop, I clicked the Traktor Pro 3 icon to start the program.

    When prompted to import my collection and preferences from the previous installation, I selected Yes (as recommended).

    As expected, when the program loads, a Get Connected popup appears inviting me to link my Traktor Pro 3 software with Beatport or Beatsource. Under the Beatsource Link icon, I selected LOGIN.

    My default browser opened with a popup titled "Open Traktor Pro 3?" I selected the Open Traktor Pro 3 button.

    The Traktor Pro 3 application became the active window and had a popup window displayed: "Traktor needs to be restarted in order to change the root-directory. Do you want to clise Traktor now?" I selected Restart Now and the Tracktor Pro 3 application closed.

    From the Windows desktop, I clicked on the Tracktor Pro 3 icon to reload the application. The Preferences menu opened automatically. Under the Streaming section I now see Beatsource Link with a Logout button which indicates that the Beatsource service is now successfully linked to my Traktor Pro 3 application.

    On the bottom left corner of the application I now see Beatsource LINK as a folder option. From here I can expand My Playlists and see my custom playlists shown!!!

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