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Maschine doesnt add my samples to my user library.

helpmefindmysamples Member Posts: 1 Noise
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I have a folder on my desktop with all my samples. I have a main folder that has other folders in it.All of these folders and the sounds in them show up. Today I tried to add another folder and a sound with that folder and maschine doesnt acknowledge it when I rescan. I removed the main and readded it and rescanned it. Actually I rescanned everything just to be sure. I have this issue every single time I go to add a sample and it eventually just works and this is why I barely add my own samples but now is the time I finally find a solution. I should note that this time around all the samples that were there came back with no problem once I readded and rescanned them but still no new folder nor the sample I want. Hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance.


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