Decks layout changes when connecting/disconnecting Macbook.

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I am using a Kontrol S3 with Traktor Pro 3. Whenever I change the output device in Traktor Pro 3, my decks layout changes. I can't seem to find a way of always keeping my preferred decks layout, which is 3 track decks and 1 remix deck. Additionally, the layout doesn't even seem to save to the one output device. For example, if I disconnect from the S3, the next time I load up Traktor Pro and connect the S3 the preferred decks layout is reset. I just want my decks layout to be the same, all the time! I am on MacOSMonterey 12.0.1.


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  • Uwe303
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    I never had that issue, the layout stays for me the same as the last one after closing traktor. I will have a look maybe in traktor 3 something is different.


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    How does your Traktor Settings.tsi look? After you modify your settings and shut down Traktor its Modified date and time should change to match. If the file is corrupted or locked (check info with Cmd-I in File Explorer) then its Modified date won't have changed and your settings won't show up in the next startup.

    Also, if Traktor is not shutting down properly ie crashing on shutdown, it may fail to write updated settings to this file. I had this issue a few versions ago that I chased around for a while and eventually solved by a full wipe and clean reinstall of macOS then Traktor. After reinstalling Traktor I restored everything from my cloud backup, EXCEPT the Settings file mentioned above.

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    @MoodySilvs Have you tried following the troubleshooting steps TeLLy listed here? Don't forget to update us how it goes!

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    It did wonder if this might have something to do with it. But I did as you suggested, and found that the traktor settings.tsi file which is in the Traktor 3.5.2 folder (the version I'm on) did update on close.

    So unfortunately I'm no further forward, but thank you so much for trying to help. I'm really wary of doing a back up and clean install.

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    @MoodySilvs man sorry but before you try a full backup/reinstall, can you check your backup folder and see if you can dial back to one of those? If your TSI corrupted a week ago let's say, how about you find the one from before that?

    Traktor is not too picky with its file handling so you can just rename Traktor Settings.TSI with a ".old" at the end, copy your intended backup TSI from the Backups/Settings folder back up to the Traktor root folder, rename THAT to Traktor Settings.TSI. If that doesn't work then you're probably at the point of a re-and-re...

    Again since Traktor isn't super picky just make sure you've got the entire contents of your user/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor folder backed up, as well as music if it's anywhere near there, then pop them back in when you've reinstalled.

    Hope you get things sorted, the default deck layouts don't work for me at ALL and it would suck having to rejigger them every session.

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    Thanks man, much appreciated. I've hit restore default under the S3 preferences setting. It seemed to forget the controller completely, then when I plugged it in again, it kept deck A as a track deck. I closed Pro down and re-opened, and again it had kept it right. So fingers crossed, may have fixed it.

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    Beauty, hope it stays that way!

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