Grain Cloud as a sampler with reverse

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Hi! I recently tried to use the Grain Cloud module as a sampler, as it allows to play the samples in revers. I don't want to use this module as a granular sampler, i would like to use it as a normal sampler and i want to be able to play the sample one time without loop. To do that i connected the grain trigger out to a value module which trigs -1 and merged to the gate signal.. here is the structure that i have done

But each time i add new modules and the loop switch is deactivated Reaktor crashes.

Ofcourse theres something wrong but i can not understand what..



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    Please use the Beat Loop module for reverse.

    Michael shows a way to the inbuild core developed beat looper.

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    i don´t know which Primary Sampler Module would be best for your purpose, but, just for your interest, the crash sounds like an Event Loop to me that Reaktor can´t solve on Re-Initialization.

    Re-Initialization happens always when something in the structure changes. I.e. adding/removing Modules, making connections, or changing the state of SWITCHES or List Modules, etc.

    You use Switch Modules for "Loop" and "key". So each time you change the state of them, a re-initialization occours. Although my Mantra is that a well-build ensemble should be re-init-stable, you should always have in mind that a re-init can lead to at least audio clicks or other undesired (more bad-ass) effects in your logical structure.

    So, imo, it is good practice to have the possibility of re-inits always in mind while thinking and building your structure (solving them) and to prevent re-inits actively at the same time where ever possible. That means: better use Routers instead of Switches! If you load 3rd party structures into your .ens, you often can´t be sure at first that that structure would/can not produce re-inits on playtime. I.e. changing a Blocks Panel Wire or a switch or a list or a receive, etc.

    (just not to be misunderstood: re-inits while building in structure happens always, that´s usual)

    I am drifting away from your problem, the Event Loop, which i think it is.

    To solve it, you need at least one unit delay in the feedback loop. The shortest unit is one sample. Add a Single Delay for event lines (leaving the T Input empty, which means one sample or one Millisecond delay, i am not sure for now), or the Unit Delay Module for audio lines, which makes exact one sample delay to break the logical Event Loop.

    The Loop seems to be here (in blue):

    from the Grain Sampler to Value to Switch back to Merge to Grain Sampler

    I hope that helps...

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