How can I escape Catch 22 to update M32 Komplete Kontrol keyboard?

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Ah, re the question below: I closed down KK, unplugged M32 and then started up in different order this time. ie. I started KK, then connected M32 on USB, and now it works.

Help!. I have a new M32 keyboard, which seems quite buggy to me. I want to access the midi templates. Here's the Catch 22. According to the NI website, everytime I load this keyboard, it should check to see if I need a firmware upgrade. I don't get these warnings, so it should be fine. It appears I'm running firmware 2.7.2. However.... when I open KK in stand-alone mode and click on the midi icon in top right corner, I get the message..."Please update the device firmware to access the MIDI assignment editor." But I can't update it unless I'm offered the chance to download the updater. And I'm not offered the chance, because when I start up KK, it seems happy with my firmware.

So how to solve this conundrum?

I'm on Windows 10, and the M32 seems to be working fine in other respects, I can play music in KK standalone quite happily with it.


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