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Hi Again, Jeremy -

I have no .exe files for any of the listed programs existing on my PC. My laptop has them all, but that's a fully functioning Native Instruments hierarchy. My Tower PC is the one with this issue. On the Laptop, all these .exe files are neatly placed in folders where NI suggests: C:\Program Files\Native Instruments. On my tower PC, Native Access has me reinstalling to no avail where the .exe files are concerned. Usually I would see a shortcut produced on my desktop upon successful install of, for example, Kontakt 5 or Kontakt. The installs finish, a popup comes on the screen telling me always, "Kontakt 6 has been successfully installed". Again, no path listed in "Preferences>Installation Path" for any of these players. I need you to please address that problem. It's not normal. Thanks once more for your help. TheProf



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    Did you try the clean ni uninstall reg utility? Also make sure no app shown under settings windows ) apps? And make sure you enable hidden files for windows.

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    Thanks Chris -

    I just found this, sorry for delay. I've been "installing, reinstalling, reg-tooling to clean, no app anywhere, especially in my "Control Panel: Programs and Features". I compare the PC with the troubles, and my Laptop that is essentially a clone, with the same NI products installed. There are no installers in Registry for Kontakt 5. My laptop has 5 installers listed. Native Access is not functioning properly to finish install. Every other player and library is fully installed, and it was truly difficult to regain those. The same methods do not work for Kontakt 5. Thanks again - TheProf

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