Can't install DDJ-T1 Traktor Scratch Pro 2

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Hello everyone, I got a new laptop MacBook Pro 2021 (last update 12.4) and I cant use my old products DDJ-T1 controller and Tractor Scratch Pro 2. I have all products in my account, I downloaded Native Access for my laptop and I followed all the instructions but I don't have any products to install on Native Access even after I refresh. Did anyone else have this problem and they know how to fix it?

Thank you.

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  • David Chung
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    Tractor Scratch Pro 2 is only supported up to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and not compatible with later versions of macOS.

    Upgrading to Traktor Pro 3 will fix the compatibility issue and it also has scratch built in.

    As for the DDJ-T I have no experience or knowledge of that controller. Hopefully someone else could help with that.

  • Stevan
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    Regarding the OS version, I have Pro 2 installed and running on Mojave. It does not work on Big Sur and newer versions.

    Just a small heads up about it!

  • David Chung
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    There's a Pro 2 to Pro 3 upgrade available for £44. Just drop down from full version to update on the link below.

  • stez
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    hello everyone, I'm joining the problem, I sold my DDJ T1 by sending the serials of Traktor-forDDJ1 1 and TraktorUpdateVersion2 via License Transfer ID to the buyer's account. The buyer complains that he can't download, he has the latest version Native access, despite entering the serials and the products are registered no download appears. The only possible way is to download the Traktor pro 3 update version of 49€ sure it works ?

    there is no support email to understand what exactly to do ?

    Thank you.

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