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Maschine plus no longer syncs to midi (serious issue)

S Righteous
S Righteous Member Posts: 93 Sine
edited July 12 in Maschine

I had a crash as per this thread: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/4379/maschine-plus-selecting-pad-as-aux-output-destination-is-buggy-and-causes-crashes#latest

Since then, my Maschine plus will not sync to midi. I have been using a Squarp Pyramid as midi master and syncing the M+ with that for weeks now without issue. I have connected my Pyramid to my computer and used Midi Monitor to confirm that it is sending clock and the start stop commands, so the Pyramid is not the issue.

I have the M+ set to Midi Sync receive, it's on, the correct midi port is selected. I have reloaded projects which previously synced fine, and none of them will sync. I have unplugged the M+ and let it sit for a bit before restarting it, hoping that might clear out any issues, but nope.

This isn't just a crash, it's a crash that caused a serious loss of a feature. If this happened at a live show, I would be screwed. I now question if the M+ is road-ready.

Has anyone else ever had an issue with midi-sync no longer working?

What kind of reset can I do to get it back?



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