Maschine plus no longer syncs to midi (serious issue)

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I had a crash as per this thread:

Since then, my Maschine plus will not sync to midi. I have been using a Squarp Pyramid as midi master and syncing the M+ with that for weeks now without issue. I have connected my Pyramid to my computer and used Midi Monitor to confirm that it is sending clock and the start stop commands, so the Pyramid is not the issue.

I have the M+ set to Midi Sync receive, it's on, the correct midi port is selected. I have reloaded projects which previously synced fine, and none of them will sync. I have unplugged the M+ and let it sit for a bit before restarting it, hoping that might clear out any issues, but nope.

This isn't just a crash, it's a crash that caused a serious loss of a feature. If this happened at a live show, I would be screwed. I now question if the M+ is road-ready.

Has anyone else ever had an issue with midi-sync no longer working?

What kind of reset can I do to get it back?



  • S Righteous
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    Searching this forum didn't reveal that the issue is well known. But just googling to see the old forum posts shows that others have seen this. Ugh. The usual tricks didn't work for me.

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    The trick that worked for me was switching to controller mode via USB and software. Then switching back to standalone. Hours of time wasted on this frustrating software bug.

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    Hi, What FW / SW did you use exactly before or while getting that issue? FW 0.1.9 should have solved these kind of issues.

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    I'm using Maschine Plus, and the Firmware is 0.1.6 not 0.1.9 and my system says it's up to date.

    The Sys =, and Maschine Version 2.15.1 (R7)

    The cause of the crash is trying to select an AUX output for any Sound. This has become near impossible for me. Once you have 4 groups with 2 aux channels each, your system will slow down to where scrolling through these options is painfully sluggish. For example to get from the top of the list down to the 8th item will take me 30 seconds or so, and it will always try to overshoot, or undershoot. Selecting the exact output on that list takes many minutes of time, every time. I would make a video of how painful this is, but anyone can replicate it by using four or more groups which each have 2 AUX pads set up with effects.

    My use case is clearly not one NI thinks about. I will have 12 or more drums, but each gets it's own amount of reverb send, using a global reverb on a kit makes zero sense to me. But then I have to select that Aux output 12 times, and that's a ten minute routine!

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    I now see that there is a firmware updater for Maschine Plus?

    So why does my Maschine plus say it is up to date when I check for updates?

    I will instal 0.1.9 pronto! Thanks for the heads up.

  • S Righteous
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    I have updated my Maschine and will see if it crashes.

    I find it a bit odd that the Maschine says it's up to date. The NI service center app says everything is up to date, and it would know if I downloaded something, and yet there was a firmware I was unaware of.

    Three systems.

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    You are right. FW 0.1.9 was communicated via this forum. Obviously only its SW version is checked by default. Round about once every week I check manually whether there are new SW / FW versions for my gear.

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    How do you manually check for updates, I.e. through the computer? I’m currently on 0.1.6

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    Just wanted to drop a message that this is still happening on Maschine Plus one year later: / 2.16.1 / 0.1.6.

    Midi sync receive suddenly stopped working after restarting Maschine+

    Switching to controller mode via USB and software brought midi in back to life.

    Dear Native Instruments: We know you have other things to do but please don't let us down.

    Edit: Found that 0.1.9 Update (even tought the hardware said that its up to date on 0.1.6) - The updater finished with an error but it seems to work.

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