Maschine Plus - Selecting pad as Aux output destination is buggy and causes crashes

S Righteous
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I prefer to add reverb on a pad as an Aux so I don't have to bathe all my drums in the same amount of reverb. However when I try to select a pad where the reverb is set up, the Maschine Plus is really finicky. The list of options scrolls slowly and erratically, and it's hard to select any specific destination, as the scrolling will overshoot or undershoot more often than not.

Also, I have had my unit crash during this procedure.

I think it's trying to route the audio in real time while you select a destination, and honestly it shouldn't, because this is such a buggy operation.

Has anyone else experienced this, or noticed that it is one section where editing causes crashes?



  • darkwaves
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    I experience the slowness all the time. I've only seen crashes when I had multiple pads selected.

    Fun fact: The slowness isn't a standalone thing. It's also slow if using it as a controller. I never noticed it on my old studio, but I'd never use the controller for this function if I had a mouse and keyboard available.

    My workaround is to move the group with the destination sound (or the destination group) to A1. That way I'm not trying to scroll that much. Moving groups around is quick on the controller, so no big deal.

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