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Native Access 2 is a new administration tool for product activation, installation, and updates for all your Native Instruments products.

What's the difference between Native Access 2 and Native Access 1?

The new version of Native Access makes it quicker and easier to find your instruments and effects, with list, search and filter-by-genre functions. It's also now possible to manage your KOMPLETE NOW subscription from Native Access 2.

Can Native Access and Native Access 2 co-exist on my system?

On Windows computers, it is only possible to have one version installed at a time. This means that if you install Native Access 2, it will replace its predecessor.

On macOS computers, they can co-exist. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to set this up.

Which installer should I use if I am using an Apple computer?

For all Mac computers equipped with a Silicon/M1 processor, please use the ARM installer.

For all Mac computers equipped with an Intel processor, please use the Intel installer.

If you are unsure as to which type of processor your computer has, click the 

 icon at the top left corner of your screen, and select About this Mac.

The Chip section will indicate which processor your computer has.

Can I activate my products offline with Native Access 2?

No. Native Access 2 requires an internet connection in order to install, activate and update your products. Once your products are activated, they can be used offline.

Can I revert back to Native Access 1?

Yes. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to do this.

How do I use Native Access 2?

To learn about all the features of Native Access 2, check out the video below:



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