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    Ah, gotcha. Well it is indeed plausible that the reason NI built NA2 with Electron (a web app framework, instead of a native app like NA1) was to reduce the amount of platform/architecture-specific code they need to write. However, there are lots of apps built with Electron that are far more complex and have very decent performance (like the one I spend most of my day using — Visual Studio Code). So I think the problem lies with a lack of developer experience/competence rather than the framework.

  • JensdeLanger
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    I like the categorized structure of my NI library in NA2 and the better repair-options for re-downloading software!

    The only thing I would really like is the option to temporarily un-install or re-locate extensive libraries. For smooth running I have all my instruments/libraries installed on the internal SSD of my MacBook Pro..

    But also a lot of uninstalled apps, just because I don't use them yet. Just to save SSD space of course. But It would be lovely if I can manage that in a more flexible way. I'm using a Synology NAS for mass storage as well. Maybe for the near future it would be a solution to define a secondary file-location for libraries that are rarely used?

    Especially because I've seen newly released libraries that take up to 70GB and even 250GB of storage...

  • Scott Frost
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    Why does it take forever to load? It should be faster than the old one. Up to 2 minutes to launch.

  • F1308
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    I was approaching NI in a serious attempt to add a DAW and ALL your software to my music making, now simply based on a Roland Fantom 8, but I have turned to a halt after having seen that....

    2.0.8 - 2022-07-20

    ADDED missing third party support

    ADDED anonymized tracking for users who rejected tracking permissions, so we can still diagnose problems happening on devices

    ADDED Honor file location preferences from NA1

    ADDED icons to links and buttons to identify links that will cause users to leave the app environment

    ADDED a “Clear download queue” feature for users to clear all queued (and errored) items in the download queue.

    FIXED 3rd party libraries were vanishing from NA2 once located

    FIXED a loading screen typo in install dependencies permissions error message

    FIXED an issue where Kontakt would permanently crash when built on clean windows devices in 2.0.8

    It goes without saying that it all sounds like a joke to me, starting with that missing third party support and ending with that Kontakt permanently crashing...

  • chk071
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    I would really like Native Access 2 to remember the window size. I have to resize it every time I start it...

  • VisionarySoundSystem
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    It's really quite slow compared to Ver1

  • 25Kyz
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    I have Komplete Ultimate.. and a bunch of expansions but it shows nothing. I dont have only 4 items. Can I go back to the old version. This isn't even beta quality.

  • Frecar
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    Updated to NA2 on my Mac Pro 5.1 running Big Sur 11.6.5, the update went smooth and I have no compatibility problems. I have Komplete Ultimate CE 13, Outputs instruments Bundle and some Audio Imperia Instruments and everything shows in NA2.

    The GUI is much nicer then NA1 and scrolls much faster.

    Very happy with the update.

    (I still have the NA1 installed).

  • CGCB21
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    Wondering if some slowness is related to failed DNS queries on the license lookup, because this morning installing multiple updates with NA 1.14.1 (R156), all are throwing the same error at the end of installing, like:

    Activation failed

    Activating Massive X Factory Library failed: Type: Message: "Http Error Not Found"

    This is on a newly rebooted Mac, so not a DNS cache issue. After a few minutes, the updates activate on their own.

  • CGCB21
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    I use M1 machines in my job as director of innovation and emerging tech, and find it eminently ready for primetime. It's fast across a wide variety of tasks (general computing, software compiling, A/V production). The only ongoing issues I have with it are related to Native Instruments. Every other major application I use (and I work across a wide swath of computing) updated to native many months ago. As for the "can't live without it" mentality, if it exists on average is likely due to the M-series' incredible performance compared to Apple's prior Intel offering. Because, yeah, it's an entirely new performance paradigm.

    As a long-time software dev, I can spot poorly-architected software, and that's NI's problem here, and it's solely their responsibility.

  • Jojo123
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    "ADDED anonymized tracking for users who rejected tracking permissions, so we can still diagnose problems happening on devices"

    Hello NI team

    Does this mean we no longer have the freedom to refuse tracking? Can you please confirm exactly what this means? Also Id like to know exactly what data is exfiltrated from our systems and how often.

    Please consider these points:

    IF you leave us no choice, that is a serious blow to people who have any semblance of valuing their privacy.

    When I went the whole way and bought K13 UCE last year I carefully noted your privacy documentation and this is not what I read, or expected, nor want to see at all and had I known you'd go this way I'd have never bought your products.

    If you have implemented this because people have unchecked the boxes along side your products, (which is what I understand from the quote above) what does this say? People still DONT like being tracked and for good reason. You are a world wide company. Your development team must have resources that can test systems with their variables without having to force people to allow you track them.

    Breaches of personal data happen all the time including data that has been so-called anonymized.

    I thought Germany was a world leader for respecting peoples privacy, something else I took into account when I bought your products.

    IF you have indeed forced this on us I ask you to think again and I hope everyone who feels the same will make it known.

    Looking forward to clarification.

  • Monochrome
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    It's worth understanding what this tracking means for you and what data is exactly tracked:

    Current transmitted usage data is pseudonymized, meaning you could (theoretically) be re-identified. Anonymized means you can't be re-identified.

    Since nothing sensitive is being transmitted, I personally will keep this on. I don't care if NI knows what rig/system I have - it's not a secret. And quite frankly, if you bought Komplete (or any other product) directly from the NI web shop in the past, NI knows more about you already anyway.

  • chk071
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    I also prefer to help companies with debugging/improving their software, and leave the respective data metrics stuff on. I have no doubts that NI uses the data for what it is supposed to be used.

    People always talk about companies not "listening to their users". Well, that's a good way to "listen to the user". Without any social media or forum expression, which could just be a single users wish, and not really what the majority wants.

  • Milkman
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    Yes, I expected a comment like this, and no, I am not convinced. Have a great day.

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