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  • Stormchild
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    edited July 2022

    Still pretty bad. Every time I launch the app, it's "activating products" for 30 seconds, then spends another 30 seconds "loading products" before it finally becomes usable. Even when it's loaded, everything is slow, from switching tabs or views to showing release notes. Poor information density. Product names are truncated despite large amounts of empty horizontal space. And it sits there wasting 20% CPU the entire time it's open, even when it's doing nothing.

    The categories are helpful. That's the one new feature I actually like.

    What NA1 really needed was an uninstall feature, but instead of that, almost everything just got worse.

  • Reefius
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    Wouldn't surprise me if 90% of the wasted startup time is license checking, which annoys only the paying customers, not the pirates.

  • Vocalpoint
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    By the looks of the comments here - it looks as tho NA v2 is definitely not ready for prime time nor does it (At least at this stage) provide any significant value or reason to move from v1.

    My Q: Can I remain on v1 as long as I need to? Or put another way - this thing is not going to be "pushed" to the masses and supplant v1 without my knowledge - is it?

    Appreciate any insight on this.



  • Reefius
    Reefius Member Posts: 216 Pro

    According to this post NA1 will eventually automatically update to v2.

  • Flaakoh
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    What's the point of having a native app if it needs dependencies that require rosetta to be installed.

    That's not how a "native app" works for me.

    Now the real question:

    Is the NTKDaemon package already optimized for M1 and you forgot to update the installer or does it need to be optimized?

  • Kay Boarder
    Kay Boarder Member Posts: 21 Member

    F##k !

    My main DAW is still Win7 and I only go online w/ NI NA.

    "will self update to NA2 at a later point" ... what does that mean? When is that point?

    I guess I better don´t go online anymore and don´t use NA to prevent from unwanted updates. It already killed Massive X for that machine some time ago.


  • Milkman
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    I've given this a try, and it is much, much slower than the original NA. I asked a few migration oriented questions a few weeks ago but nobody replied, and I've learned the answer for myself -- NA2 is much slower, sits on "activating licenses" for 3-4 minutes, then "loading products" for 2 minutes, then finally my list of content appears. While I dont use NA all the time, when I do use it this is going to be annoying and I hope it can be fixed ASAP despite the apple M1 (which has been abandoned in favor of the M2, lol) migration issues.

  • Stormchild
    Stormchild Member Posts: 48 Helper

    M1 and M2 are the same architecture. M2 is just a newer version. There won't be an M1 to M2 transition. Also, M1 is not "abandoned". Most Macs are still using an M1 variant, and there is no pro/max/ultra version of M2 yet.

    Anyway, NA2 is not an M1 issue. It's just a poorly made web app that's slow on every platform.

  • Gone To Lunch
    Gone To Lunch Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Still no news from the helpline. My NA2 just won't load in my M1 Studio. OS 12.4

  • Milkman
    Milkman Member Posts: 166 Helper

    My point of view, as a 30+ year net/sysadmin, is that the M1 is barely ready for production, and yet here goes apple taking advantage of their average customer's "can't live without it" buying philosophy to pump out another one, meanwhile the original is still not running native code, or running it without dependencies, in some environments.

    I was suggesting NA2's sluggishness was an M1 issue (and I dont use Macs), but I am relating it to the finite software development budgets and workloads of all the teams from all the companies being forced to spend cycles on it.

  • Milkman
    Milkman Member Posts: 166 Helper

    I wasnt suggesting NA's sluggishness was an M1 issue**

    I typo'ed that, but for some reason the new forum system wont let me edit my own comment. Oh well.

  • i66
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    edited July 2022

    Huge number of lost instruments.: Hybrid Keys, Reaktor 5, Monark, Absynthe 5, FM8, Cuba, Drumlab, Prism, Battery 4, Spark, Replika, Flair, Guitar Rig 5 to 6, Phasis, Solid Bus Comp/Dynamics/EQ, Supercharger GT, Transient Master, Freak, Raum, Kontakt 5, Session Strings 2, Session Brass and many more.

    Also my account page has NONE of my orders or serials.

    Inputting my serials for Komplete 9 and 13 upgrade into Native Access gives an 'invalid serial' warning.

    What is happening?

  • taylorsnorma
    taylorsnorma Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Much nicer revel in - searching forward to the income & partner menu gadgets acting. 😚

  • elFlippe
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    Unfortunately it's still no improvement. Honestly, I don't use most of my NI products anymore since it is such a pain to maintain. Now it's not detecting all my libraries and I have to reinstall them before I can load my project again. No, just no 🤦‍♂️

  • Stormchild
    Stormchild Member Posts: 48 Helper

    NA2 is slow as hell on my 2015 iMac (4 GHz quad core i7), while NA1 runs very well. It has nothing to do with Intel, M1, etc. NA2 is just poorly made software, and (by all accounts) is slow on every platform/architecture.

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