Maschine libraries are all missing.

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My entire browser selection just disappeared. I can still open my projects and the sounds and kits are all there to listen to and play. But I can’t browse for sounds. At all. Any helpful tips? This has never happened to me. I’m a loooong time Maschine user. So bizarre.


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  • Blindeddie
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  • Gliv
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    The article does not help, I applied step by step what is indicated and it does not change anything. I also deleted all NI folders in roming but that doesn't change anything either! Maschine 2 tries to build the library as indicated in the article, but in the end the library remains empty!

  • darkwaves
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    Generally people complain about this when they've accidentally clicked on the "user" library. You'd likely need to post screenshots of what you're seeing for anyone to help

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