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Is there a bug in the Reaktor User Library 'search' functionality?

PerryCodes Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited June 2022 in Reaktor

Whenever there is a space in my search criteria, it is replaced with the numbers '20'. I'm sure this is related to HTML URL Encoding and the percent sign is getting lost... But unfortunately, that '20' is actually being used by the search algo!! How do I know? Well... a bunch of results with '20' are returned!

Here's an example:

  1. Search for: salamander anagram
  2. After submitting the search, your criteria has changed to: salamander20anagram
  3. Results will include such things as: '20goto10', 'MS-20', '20 snapshots for Dietrich Pank's aliasing synth', and 'K-20/RMS' - none of those authored by Donald (salamander anagram).
  4. Luckily, ONE of the search results is from the author being searched for. A single result.

Possibly fixing the bug might bring back better results?

Finally - if this post isn't going to get the attention of the right person, what might be the best method for reporting this issue (assuming that I'm not the only one experiencing it!)




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