Not Choke/Polyphony/Mute cutting off samples or played instruments

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There is feature in Maschine 2 software in the preferences general Menu. The feature is at the bottom of the 1st screenshot below. [Quantize] Although quantize record or play/record option is useful when you're dealing with latency, It can cause muting or chocking like effect on your samples and instruments when you try to play them at the same time that your project is playing.

This is the other setting that together with the above menu option causes the effect that I am bringing to your attention. Whenever you set the grid size to a larger option. For example 1 bar like below.

There will be a cutoff effect that can be confused with choke and polyphony settings. The way you know it's not choke or polyphony is easy. if your samples are not cutting off while you project is not playing. Then you press play and notice whatever instrument you're trying to play is cutting off every 2 or 4 bars even if you are not recording. turn off the quantize option to off or none. If you have to leave it on then at least keep the grid at about 16-32 and you should not experience the issue.

FYI the reason someone may set their grid to 1 is simple in case you are wondering. When I have my main ideas down. There may be a need to copy and paste some parts of a scene to another. The easy way to line things up is to use a higher grid number to help keep things aligned. Of course sometimes you have to set it lower to do the same thing. In my case I had left it at 1 bar and decided to add something. Everything I played was getting cut off. after doing some research and not finding a solution. I started to look through the preferences menu and this is what I discovered.

Another day another solution...

I actually think it's a bug but every time I mention stuff no one really cares. Hope this helps someone.



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    @Jeremy_NI What do you think about the solution above by CRS?

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    Well, I'm not sure this is really a bug. The quantize function, when set to Play and Rec, affects the playback of the selected sounds and will adjust the moment when the sound is released. It's not that the sound is choked but it's delayed until the next step on the grid. If the grid is 1 bar, it will be played at the beginning of the next bar, this is why it "chokes". So yes, using the quantize function makes more sense on a tighter grid (1/16 or 1/32). @CRS We do care, so feel free to share!

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    Seems both @Jeremy_NI and myself understand how this feature works. My point was to inform new users about how the function works so they can remember to make the adjustment needed.

    New users will have the issue I described. The reason I made this post is I found enough users on reddit with this issue and no one had the feature we speak of as an explanation. There was even one in your old forums.

    The reason I considered it a bug is I did not see our explanation provided by anyone on reddit or NI. I would not consider it a bug if what we both described was explained in the manual.

    I do apologize for the statement About you guys not caring. I was generalizing based on my experience with NI support when I 1st started using Maschine. My bad...

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    @Kaiwan_NI more of an explanation and not a solution.

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