Older hardware not supported on new OS

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Just having a think about it / getting off my chest.

Kontrol X1 / S4 controller / Maschine MK1/ Audio Kontrol 1, no longer supported to work on my current Mac OS. All now in the scrapper.

Ok so I'm now using Kontrol keys / Maschine Mk 3 and plenty other stuff to keep me rollin',but it just occurred to me. the NI gear I now use will shortly be useless too ? what a load of cash gone to waste ?

That's a grand already plus the price of the next (maybe not) upgrade ! I'd have happily bunged the NI tech dept' 500 quid to keep my old stuff running.......... better than losing a grand.

Or is there some kind of user 'Hack' I haven't heard of ?



  • gummi
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    I feel you! After my computer upgrade half of my gear became useless (Maschine mk1, 2xX1 mk1, Audio8DJ) which is a shame since everything is still working.

  • TeLLy
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    If you're still on the Intel architecture on your Mac it's still doable. I've got a Rig Kontrol 3, Maschine MK1, and Kontrol X1 MK1 running on an i7 MBP on the latest Monterey beta, using these instructions:

    Maschine MK1 working with MacOS Catalina / Big Sur (Intel Macs) | Page 2 | NI Community Forum (native-instruments.com)

  • Stevan
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    The problem is that Apple has removed the 32-bit support for software and hardware.

    There are no user hacks, unless NI open source it, any user won't be able to write 64-bit drivers.

  • TeLLy
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    It's not pretty, it's not supported, but it seems to run pretty smoothly for me with the hack I posted above (credit to original poster). Again, X1MK1, Rig Kontrol3, and Maschine MK1 in MIDI mode are currently running for me on my 2017 i7 Macbook Pro, with the latest Monterey public beta and Traktor official release. Have to give NI credit for these old clunkers still running stably once hacked.

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