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We already answered a few questions based on what we received already (either from user testing the first versions or via PM). This is by no means addressing every questions you may have about the change and we also created a dedicated thread for questions, suggestions, feedback ...

We will be checking what everyone is talking about and adding relevant answers whenever useful for the entire community 🙏


Why did you close the original community to open a new one?

We want our online community to be a central place for engaging with creators and felt after sixteen years, our platform was too outdated/messy - it was time for a change. For everyone to have the best experience possible, it was also clear that we needed a fresh start with a new set of features. Hopefully, this change will give everyone the opportunity to do more, quicker. 

What will happen with the original NI forum?

We’re evaluating different options and we’re leaving it as a read-only resource for now. 

We want to make the transition as easy as possible and let everyone access older content whenever necessary. We will eventually have to make a decision on what to do with the platform (we can’t host it forever) but we need to understand everyone’s needs first.

Do I need to create a new account? 

Native Instruments user accounts can access the new platform directly via the Native ID log-in. You will now only need one account for both the community and your NI account. If you used a different one between the forum and your Native Instruments’ account, please simply register again using your Native ID.  

What is the technology behind the new platform? 

We partnered with Vanilla Forums to help us build our new community. Our new platform offers us brand new features - here is few examples: 

  • Q&A: The possibility to ask a question and approve community answers, helping everyone to get to a solution faster. 
  • Ranks: Earn points, badges and move up in ranks to earn new capabilities and rewards
  • Modern Editor: Rich editor gives you the possibility to create new discussions and link external content much faster. 

And a lot more to discover ...

What if I prefer staying with the old platform? 

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Can I export my messages from the old forum?

You won’t be able to migrate all the content you created on our old forum into the new community. However, you can always start new discussions and pick things off again. 

If you think content should be highlighted in our new community by a mod or admin, please send a private message to one of the admin, so we can review it and assist you. 

What are the special “ancient member” badges? 

All the members following us from the original NI forum will receive a special badge displaying how long they have been with us. We want to acknowledge your loyalty and commitment and new members to see you made your mark already. 

Who should I contact if I have an issue or feedback about the new community? 

You can use the dedicated thread for it in the Get Involved area, right - here

I can’t find the category I used to post under anymore. Where do I post my new thread? 

With our new community, we decided to unify a lot of the categories to make navigation and moderation easier. However, you should be able to find a space to discuss any NI topics within the 5 featured areas (Hangout, Native Access, Komplete, Maschine, Traktor). If you need more don't hesitate to let us know in our feedback thread

Where are the feature requests? 

Feature requests have not yet been added to the general structure of the new community. For now, you can only find one section offering feature requests and it is hosted in the Traktor Pro Public Beta. We're currently evaluating how to best approach this aspect of our community and we will be sharing more information about our ideas very soon. 

All the feature requests posted in our old community are not lost and the content posted over the years is still being looked at by our teams.

What happened to the international areas? 

This community is currently only available in English. Unfortunately, we had to make the choice to remove the international areas for now. This decision is not final.We're looking at our traffic and interest closely to see if there will be the need to have localised areas again. Alternatively, we're also looking at the integration of a translation tool allowing users to post content in English more easily.

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