M1 Native Reaktor???

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When will reaktor be M1 native??

Could be possible that NI could pull a M1 Reaktor version with just blocks M1 support,

and then all other x86 ensembles/modules could get M1 versions roll out with time??

I would rather get a Reaktor M1 version with just a few modules working initially, than nothing at all... converting the entire library will take ages, but somehow the first step must be done...

It's not possible in my opinion to expect NI to release a full M1 version with all library plugins ready... it would be just better to start thinking about it...



  • Kubrak
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    I am not 100% sure, but I think ensembles are not in x86 code (or any other CPU)... They are just scripts/language that are translated to CPU code when run....

    So, it will do, if Reaktor is ported to M1. But it may mean that considerable part of code has to be written for M1 port.. Not easy task at all.

    IMHO, Reaktor is the hardest nut NI has to deal with....

  • colB
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    Reaktor is a development environment, so when Primary and core layers are both updated to be compatible, and the main application is also converted, all the Library content will (should) just work!

    Primary is simpler - any Primary modules will need to be retargeted at the M1 processor, but that should be fairly straightforward - just using a suitable compiler, and tweaking/fixing any problems that occur. That is similar to the many other applications that didn't take so long to become compatible.

    Core is more challenging because it is a compiler, so it reads the core code we use to build instruments, and converts that into machine language. Apple M1 cpus have a completely different machine language form X86 cpus, so the compiler will need a significant rewrite/update so it can generate that different machine code.

    Once the compiler is fully rewritten for M1 support, all Blocks and ensembles that use core should just work.

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