Some plug-ins don't show up in Ableton

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Hello !!

I just bought a new computer and I am installing all the kontakt libraries into it.

a few plugins are are not showing up in ableton even tho they are on the same folder as the ones showing up.

the plug in "Form" for example is not showed in ableton even tho it shares the same folder "NI content" which I created to place these plug ins.

also "battery 4" shares the same path of other 64 bit plug ins:

Application location = C:/Program Files/Native Instruments/Battery 4

Vst 64 location = C:/Program Files/Native Instruments/VSTPlugins 64 bit

now for example by checking Native access it is the same path as the RC 48 reverb, but this last plug in shows regularly in the ableton list

Thanks in advance !!

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  • EvilDragon
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    Form is a Reaktor instrument, not a Kontakt library. Battery 4 is its own plugin, not a Kontkat library.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Paolo134 Try this: go in your Ableton's preferences, go to Plug-Ins, press the rescan button while holding the alt key.


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