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would it be possible to include in the product roadmap the possibility to hold arpeggios wheb changing groups and to have external incoming midi be processed by the arpeggiator?

so if you have an external midi keyboard connected to m+, you could create your arpeggio from the keyboard?



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @rmou thanks for sharing your feedback. I've tagged your post with Feature Request so we don't miss it.

  • rmou
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    Hi @Kaiwan_NI , i didn't elaborate on the reasons because i believe they are quite obvious when approaching m+ from a jam/live perspective. But let me know if further justifications make sense.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • Kantum
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    I just bought the maschine mk3 and plugged my keyboard midi controller and could not find the way to make it work with arpeggios 😪.

    I'm also looking for midi input to be processed by the arpeggios. Is it still on the roadmap?

    If you have a good simple arpeggio that is well integrated with maschine I'm also interested.

    Thank you for everything

  • Murat Kayi
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    That is a two part request and I am wondering about hold functionality. Does the arpeggio stop when you change groups even when "hold" is activated?

  • D-One
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    Yes, it stops. It still holds if only changing Sounds/Pad, but it will then trigger the new Pad.

    Maschine is really designed for one thing at a time, no arm to record, midi input auto changes the pad/group while recording, etc... Not sure how arp hold could work when changing groups/pads with how the whole backend of the app is designed.

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