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Been Traktor users for years and even if am now on Serato, due to the latest beta, i tested back Traktor and god, what did i miss this beautiful sound and features.

This let me bring to the fact that the current business model is good but nobody is using Traktor compared to Serato and Rekordbox DJ.

For improve this, they should add an additional business model where you can pay for any third party controller mapping and that NI provides also support on it. For security reasons, the mapping should be locked to the NI account so there is no way to export it and share it. Modifying mapping is possible and remain locked with the account. Depending on the complexity of the mapping ,the price could differ.

Also, you can have a trial version of the controller mapping limited in time to test it.

This would be simply awesome for Tractor as it doesn't bring to much costs (no that many new controllers in the last years) but they can money with this.

Anyone who currently would like to test Traktor these days (lets say, DDJSX3, FlX6 of NS4FX,REV7- REV1 ) will simply not be able to test it as due to the fact there is no mapping or neither a valid community mapping.

Traktor still remains for me the best DJ software but nobody will play/test with it as they are unable to do so. With this party paying mapping addon, this opens Traktor to many DJ who would previously not even think to play with Traktor.

As the current price for Traktor seems really low seing the features, having to paid for the mapping doesn't really sound overkill.

Anyway, just an open discussion i wanted to share with you.



  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    I really don’t think you should have to pay to have your controller, all in one, CDJ or XDJ to work with Traktor. Traktor needs to learn from other software companies and enable its software to work with those devices. Won’t be possible in all scenario's but they could do way better. They could charge though for additional packs as addons to thier software, depending on what each user requires. You could have your stock software with a variety of performance addons. Just my 2 cents.

  • Gontie.
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    Honestly, seeing the price of VDJ, paying one time for a midi mapping support doesn't seems overkill.

    Compared to Serato, knowing that you need to pay Pitch&time and Serato play to have about the same features as Traktor, paying once for a midi controller support really doesn't seems overkill.

    But any opinion in this discussion is welcome, don't think one member of the NI team will share their opinion on that idea 😁

  • Mutis
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    Traktor needs to improve midi mapping system allowing motorized midi controllers and midi learn. Advanced mappings for dedicated controllers or advanced users.

    Said that… this isn’t the biggest issue at the moment and maybe if Traktor Pro 4 cames someday could implement different proposals like yours @Gontie.

    Time will tell…

  • Stevan
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    The only question is how profitable it would be for NI. I don't think it would be something they want to do.

    If you are company like NI you would like to sell your own gear.

    People are not used to pay for mappings.. Also why would you lock the mapping down?

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    @Stevan I disagree! NI is a software first company. They make hardware to implement what they've created via software. Many updates come in software form. From what I've gathered over the years being a fanboy, NI wanted to be like Apple (Make software and implement hardware to increase sells.) In our field of work, that worked to a fault.

    From production, to DJ equipment, we're in a renaissance era of rapid changes in tech. Serato has done a great job playing nice with hardware companies. They don't make hardware but if you were to ask a noobie or a Joe off the street, they would think serato made hardware because of their logo stamped on various hardware ie licensing.

    Once again, I am a NI fanboy. Paying a fee of sort to use new 3rd party hardware with Traktor would be supreme. I travel the world DJing full-time and it would be in my best interest to have various controllers/mixers work with Traktor seamlessly (other than Pioneer nexus mixer and CDJs). I too believe it would level the playing field to have new/old DJs tryout Traktor with equipment they already have (most in the states use Pioneer and Rane.) Just my 2¢.

  • djsubculture
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    This reminds me of a conversation I had, over 10 years ago, with Silvio Zeppieri the then Denon DJ Brand Manager who at the time thought that Native Instruments making its own DJ hardware was a mistake.

    Sometimes I think he was right.

  • etko
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    I recently switched to Pioneer ecosystem, and boy that rekordbox software is ugly. It looks to me like Excel in dark mode. I miss traktor, look and feel, effects section. I think that traktor DJ2 has a lot of potential. Looks sleek, and from development perspective it seems that is not that hard to add compatibility with all NI hardware. Instead of pattern player, integrated drum machine like Roland DJ-808 seems to me like a nice idea. And no, making some features only through the subscription model does not work for me. Maybe to offer some kind of cloud library management through the the subscription plans?

  • Mutis
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    NI entering the hw field wasn’t a mistake per se but how they managed it over time for sure.

    NI pissed off Pioneer back in the day releasing Z1 after Djm-t1 and Pioneer answered with not cdj hid support and so. Then invested in rekordbox and how it gone is now History.

    NI did lots of mistakes on purpose since they called strategy but time teach them about market and here we are.

    NI also anticipated stem trend but again, wrong implemented. iPad app… fail again. Back to jogs… fail one more time.

    Even being top sellers bad customer support made success a source of problems.

    Stagnation… rumours of division sale… promises and infinite roadmap changes over diffuse deadlines…

    And in the end what else need djs to mix 2 songs or perform realtime whatever?

    If you need to mix 2 songs (or infinite but for crowd will be like 2 in their perception) any hw/sw proposal can do it. Just get what you need.

    If you need to perform whatever then get just Ableton (or the similar tool you prefer). Even you can export whatever you can’t do realtime and load on a dj tool…

    It’s all about the music… isn’t it?

  • dj_estrela
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    would love to see any mapping improvements at all + HID jogwheel support, at any cost.

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