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The modding community have outdone themselves to create some fantastic custom QML mappings for Traktor Pro 3. They have pushed the limits of the current Traktor Kontrol line-up AND injected more life into so-called "obsolete" controllers. We salute you.

The PadFX feature of Supreme Edition Mod is an exciting development with a seemingly endless 64 banks of Instant Effects and Animated Effects available. It's almost like DJTechtool's Twisted Gratification for your Traktor controller.

Taking inspiration from and I thought we could try to fill all 64 banks by sharing ideas (and code) around.


Big shout out to @Aleix Jiménez for his efforts in evolving his mod and supporting it. It is available via PATREON -

This particular thread is to share PadFX ideas and settings.

For PadFX bugs and non-PadFX bugs/queries please discuss in

To future proof, let's try to cite the Supreme Edition Mod version.



  • Michael Niotakis
    Michael Niotakis Member Posts: 11 Sine

    I'll start. This is my adaptation of a Crossfader Mixing Technique centred around building atmosphere ( It includes animated/dynamic values.

    It's still WIP but I am still reasonably satisfied with it's progress.

    Supreme Edition Mod 3.0 BETA 32

           name   : "Crossfader Building Atmosphere",

           color   : "Yellow",

           routing   : "Insert",

           effect1   : "Strrretch (Slow)",

           effect2   : "Delay T3",

           effect3   : "Iceverb",

           drywet   : { value: 0.3, min: 0.3, max: 0.6, delta: 7 },

           knob1   : { value: 0.5, min: 0.2, max: 0.7, delta: -5 },

           knob2   : 0.5,

           knob3   : 0.8,

           button1   : 1,

           button2   : 1,

           button3   : 1

  • Michael Niotakis
    Michael Niotakis Member Posts: 11 Sine


    I'm hoping this will satisfy your concerns. Settings adapted from this DJTechTools thread

    Changing button2 to 1 would switch on the Freeze

    Supreme Edition Mod 3.0 BETA 32

           name   : "Instant Echo (No Freeze)",

           color   : "Cyan",

           routing   : "Insert",

           effect1   : "Delay",

           effect2   : "Off",

           effect3   : "Off",

           drywet   : 0.3,

           knob1   : 0.6,

           knob2   : 0.4,

           knob3   : 0.3,

           button1   : 0, // Off

           button2   : 0, // Off

           button3   : 0 // Off

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