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Maschine+ next update to enable native Traktor pro support?

Ronnie Hamada
Ronnie Hamada Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited June 2022 in Maschine

Wouldn't it be amazing if NI allows Traktor Pro to run natively on the Maschine+? You know, connect your traktor controller via the USB port and BAM you have a standalone DJ controller AND a groovebox at once. Might be challenging for the workflow (maybe a shortcut to quickly jump between the Traktor and Maschine interface but imagine the freaking possibilities!!!


  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 315 Pro

    The same computer (laptop/desktop) wasn’t able to make them work in sync until Ableton released Link (let’s put aside requeriments for a while…) so you expect that embed rockchip cpu (similar to 2011 i5 afair) handle downsized versions of Maschine and Traktor?

    It could had been more easy to just keep working on Traktor Dj2 (universal app running on desktops and iPads) and port Maschine into the same strategy instead M+ so we can run these two softwares at iPads (pro if they become too heavy even similar apps like DjPlayer Pro or Djay and Beatmaker3 or Grooverider16 work perfectly on my old iPad mini4 from 2015) or new AS M1/2/etc chips and resources could be concentrated instead dispersed…

    Other options is relasing just an update NI-kore box with that embed technology (or updated) so you can plug any NI controller to it and run each embed app from NI (think in Akai MPC or 1010m blue and blackbox…) but don’t hold your breath for any of these alternatives. NI still needs to find their roadmaps and make them work with revenue flow first if they want to make any hardware movement of that degree in the future (or find a hardware partner…)

  • 6xes
    6xes Member Posts: 179 Advisor
    edited June 2022

    i would suspect there are many options to integrate DJ software into a midi mapped maschine+

    especially so when you have Bomes midi translator at your disposal...

    i've personally mapped my mk2&maschine Jam to do just that

    but there would be limitations with DJ software that doesnt have keyboard shortcuts *winks

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