Adding a Reloop Neon to my Z2

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Hi all, Mark here and new to the forum.

I'm hoping someone can help me, I bought a Reloop Neon to add to my Z2 for more cue points. Downloaded and installed the .tsi file with Traktor mapping from the Reloop website but I'm running into the following issue, if I select the Neon in the settings it disables the Z2 and tracks can only be loaded through the Neon and are played in internal mode. I have been going through the settings hoping to find a solution but so far no luck.

Any ideas on how to set up as an addition to and not a replacement for my Z2?

Thanks, Mark.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Mark98 just to make sure I understand this correctly, are you trying to use Reloop as an additional MIDI controller so you can map more parameters in the controller manager, and want to use Reloop as an Audio Device?

    Traktor can only handle one sound device in the audio setup unfortunately. However, if what you want is extra control, you can create or import a new MIDI mapping for the Reloop controller in the Controller Manager tab in preferences, leaving Z2 as the audio device in the Audio setup tab. Here are some videos that can be useful:

    Using the Controller Manager in TRAKTOR

    Using the Controller Manager in TRAKTOR: Mapping a Third-Party MIDI Device

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