Phase DVS with Traktor Pro 3 & Z2 mixer

Ejub Petrovac
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I wanted to ask about experience with Phase DVS & Traktor Pro 3. With all the firmware updates I want to know if it's any good now?

I know about Phase x Serato updates (better HID integration etc.), but I would like to know specifically about Traktor x Phase experience?

Is there still major cue drift issues? How's the battery lasting? Usable on gigs with all those warning turned off (because I read those deck header warning errors are still present)?

Please share your experience, tips, thoughts and everything you know about Phase DVS used with TP3?

Thanks in advance, best regards!


  • markski
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    Traktor has played nice with Phase since the last few firmware updates. Tracking is great but with no HID support it’s not as tight as Serato. That said is more than good enough for basic mixing and scratches, but still drifts too much with even basic prolonged juggles in my experience. Battery life is also much improved and not a concern at about 4-6 hours depending upon use and environment. HID support in Traktor would really be the cherry on the cake

  • djrichy5
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    I second that! Phase plays nice with Traktor. I have moments where the drift is bad when practicing beat juggles for extended about of time. I also use the z2 with Phase and wish HID would get integrated for better tracking. Just my 2¢.

  • Owner
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    meanwhile, the battery lasts very well and is enough to play alone for an evening. the sticker drift is a bit annoying if you beat juggles for a longer time or scratch intensively. that the problem with the needle position was never solved by Traktor is just annoying. I don't understand why NI always has such a hard time with things like this. But yes, the workaround is known, simply turn off the deckheader warning and that's it. HID would be the little treat that is still missing.

  • Scratch-E Con
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    Phase with Traktor: scratching OK, juggling sucks

    Phase with Serato: scratching perfect, juggling almost perfect

  • rdvst
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    Hopefully we get HID integration.

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