Traktor on 3 hardware setups, any issues I should be aware of?

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Ive used Traktor3 for a while now on my 2x D2 controllers and djmixer/ motu soundcard.

Now, I want to also use this same PC/traktor with my turntables/dvs. Ive got a rane sixty four and sixty two mixer that rane/serato no longer support😡 so need to find a way of using these. Ive always just used Searto for dvs and traktor for my hybrid-hardware setup.

Im sure I'll be able to use these mixers using ASIO with traktor once I buy traktor timecode records. They show up in traktor and Ive already send audio etc ...all good.

Now my concern-

If i start mapping cue points, loading, library scrolling etc from these Rane Mixers is there any chance I run into issues/ conflicts. I wouldnt like to mess up my D2/motu setup .

I want these 3 setups to be completely seperate. Different midi mappings, different audio interface etc.

Any tips on how to approach this is greatly appreciated.



  • Iceman the Dj
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    About audio interface, you'll have to select the one to be used when you change the setup. About the midi mappings I don't see any issue since every controller will have his own mapping with selected device who controls the software. I even use multiple mappings for the same controller when running out of modifiers.

    Good luck. Cheers!

  • s3kn0tr0n1c
    s3kn0tr0n1c Member Posts: 5 Member

    Sounds good. Thanks for reply.

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