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Hey! Really excited to release this today.

As most of you know the Maschine tagging system is incredibly powerful but getting user samples tagged can be tedious. This program will automatically tag wav files based on folders/file names and information located in the wave file. It also can assign images correctly for the Maschine desktop software. Maschine + does not support custom images. The metadata is in the wav files themselves so the samples can be transferred to the Maschine+ with no problem.

I struggled to get basic audio classification on Windows so that is not in this release (Windows or Mac). In future releases (2.0), this will be Mac only. Audio classification is good when trying to determine something like open hat vs closed hi hat, but struggles on classifying a wide range of sounds. For those looking at folders and filenames tends to be better.

Thanks to D-One for running through the program and doing some testing

I hope everyone enjoys this! For the first 10 people, there is a coupon code: "forum", which is $5 off. Please email me with any problems you might run into at [email protected].


  • Flexi
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    Looks good

  • D-One
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    Works pretty well from my testing, it's so nice to see tools made by external devs to improve where things are lacking, I hope this keeps evolving.

    Good luck!

  • nxtseq
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    This was really needed, thank you for making this!

  • kinskop
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    Got it! 🤑

    Looks really promising at first glance! The fact alone that I can tag full screen and not have to wedge in the bottom left corner of my screen anymore (like in Maschine Software) is worth it.

    It seems to work with a pretty limited set of predetermined tags right now, does it? Right now I have a dropdown list of about 20 tags. Is there a way to expand this and adjust it to personal preferences?

    If I'm not mistaken it takes its information from file and folder names, right? Would be very cool if I had a setting Window where I could determine which tag to embed from which file information. Or simply a way to load the user tags I already have in Maschine to be able to use them for manual tagging.

    And "Character" tagging would be nice ;)

    And please don't drop Windows...because that's what I'm looking trough 🤓


  • mewe
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    i would be really pleased to buy and test your program. i really hate those untagged samples flyuing around. (but too much work to do it by hand)… my problem is, that i haven´t got a credit card anymore… so i can not buy it. is there another way to get your program???

    when everything works like you show/describe in your video this program would be amazing…(especially native instruments is not able to integrate something like you did).

    great work. keep going!!!

  • badaz
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    Hi @drewhjava, I purchased Maschine auto-tagger and it works perfectly, thanks for the hard work. I was wondering if it could be extended to other file formats ? If this is all just about adding metadata to the audio file, should it not be capable of tagging, say, massive and FM8 presets as well? It would be a huge help as your classification system works very well while remaining flexible enough. Thanks again.

  • badaz
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    Another thing that would be great would be to see the folder hierarchy of a sample and be able to sort samples by that. What would be even better is multi-sort, like sort by folder then name. Third party sample providers usually use some kind of folder hierarchy, therefore it is easier to check the tagging of samples folder by folder rather than seeing every sample in a huge list.

    NB : do you still maintain this software? Is there a better place to send support/feature requests for it?

  • drewhjava
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    Hey @badaz thank you for checking it out! Unfortunately, the file format for FM8 and Massive is not open like wav so that would take reverse engineering how it would be tagged. The wav format took a little reverse engineering because it's stored a specific way but much much easier because wav is a known format.

    Yea you're right the multi sort / hiearchy is definitely needed! I've gotten a few requests on folder hierarchy.

    Yes, I still maintain it. Working on version 2 with machine learning and a few other things added! Sorry for the late reply. Please don't hesitate to reach out via Gumroad too. I'll respond to those much faster.


  • SpencerTyler
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    The tagging system is great. There are few minor flaws with the auto tagging but still extremely convenient compared to before. Has anyone had issues trying to get the images to work? I tried converting to JPEG, Re-Exporting, Removing and Adding the Library in Maschine Software and these images refuse to work for me. I'm running an m1 Mac Mini with Monterey

  • JiroMusik
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    I just found about this software and would be very happy if you could add some more Tags.

    I also have a lots of Splice samples and it would be nice to have the Samples tagged by Key in the Character section.

    Unfortunately not all Splice samples have their key in their name, and it think for them it is not possible or not as easy but the key-named samples would be really nice

  • nicholasbinder
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    Hi! Thanks so much for this tool, it helped me out a lot!

    What I noticed: if my folder (= product name) includes special characters (in my case "&" and "."), cover pictures won't show up in Maschine, which is probably Maschine's fault. Maybe you could make it so one can just change the resulting product name in the folder list? My workaround was to copy these folders out of my splice folder, rename, and then import them into AutoTagger.

    Looking forward to what you're going to accomplish using ML! :)

  • drewhjava
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    Hey @nicholasbinder , thanks for purchasing! I have a 2.0 beta in Gumroad downloads if you want to check out the ML stuff. Still trying to tweak a few things. Yea, the image stuff has been a pain. You're right the special characters do throw it off. I probably need just to strip all of these when exporting out.

  • Peter Harris
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    How do registered users download the beta?

  • tribepop
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    Log in to your gumroad account and you'll see the Maschine Auto Tagger in your library and there's a folder for the beta versions 😎

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