How to change a Loop starting point?

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I am working with 4-bar audio loops in AUDIO plug-in. I want to move the starting point of a loop, so it starts in the 2nd bar. It still has to last the full 4-bars, just need to 'nudge' the sequence 1-bar to the left.

How do I achieve that? Many thanks



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    deleted because wrong answer

  • RedwardMc
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    Might be easier to resample it to a new pad (sample the output of the current sound on a new one).

    Or change the audio track to sampler, chop and play the slices in the order you want. Then resample

  • Murat Kayi
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    The new loop will be mapped across all four bars for playback, just like the old one. If you want to have it come in on the second bar, rather use gate mode and hit the pad on the second bar for as long as you need it

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    You should also be fine by going into Pattern Mode and move the start point of the Pattern to second bar. On the screen you should see a part of the loop in dimmer color but it will still play a whole 4 bar loop.

    It can get tricky when you have more than one loop in this Group as it sets the start point for the whole group (for this particular pattern). Then I would really go the resample way.

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